I have come down to earth not to be worshipped by the crazy dreamers as their God once again in a new name, but I am here to be realised by the workers as their own expression of work. I am yourself uttered forth as your own Master. You are in no way other than your own Master. You have no second to yourself. The "I Am" in you. Let East and West be fused in "ME" the "I Am" of all. Let you live, work and realise Me in you. -- MasterEK

Master EK Spiritual and Service Mission is an international Service Organisation dedicated to the service to humanity. The main objective of this Mission is to render service to humanity without any expectation. This is mainly two-fold:

  • To heal the sick through holistic methods following the footsteps of Master EK and other Masters .

  • To transmit the Ageless Wisdom to one and all without any discrimination of race, religion or sex. The method to lead a yogic life was given to the modern man in a simplified manner by Master CVV.

The message of Master CVV was spread through his selected mediums and Master EK is one among them.He is working as a Master of Synthesis in the work of Master CVV and Master Maitreya.

Master EK Spiritual and Service Mission was founded in his name to follow his footsteps.